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In May 2021 Vlad traveled from Kentucky to Moldova and stayed there for five months. While there he made new ministry connections, met new friends, helped with construction at a church, future church campground, and ministry school, made over 90 home visits, assisted at various church functions, and in it all was praying for God to show him which needs could be met.


Through your donations he was able to:

  • buy, prepare, and give out over 45 food packages and be involved in giving out 50 more packages to needy families, elderly people, and children living alone.

  • gather a team and loaded and deliver 3500 cubic feet of firewood to 25 families, as well as chop and stack wood for those in need

  • be involved in 17 tent evangelism events, which held services for families as well as kids events

  • buy a small village house to be used as a church for a group that had nowhere to gather

  • buy a cow for a family in need. The father is dealing with $30,000 in medical bills (average village monthly income is $200) and with five kids he and his wife were paying for milk. They had prepared a place for a cow but could not afford to buy one. Now instead of paying for milk they have enough milk to sell. He is not a believer but when we gave him the cow he kept protesting and saying "God doesn't give gifts like these." We told him that indeed God does, as well as the even greater gift of salvation. 

  • buy food, supplies, and gifts for two orphanages

  • buy machinery and supplies for rabbits and quails which one orphanage raises as a source of income

  • pay for a year of ministry school for a student (hopefully future pastor!)

  • buy winter clothing for 22 children

  • buy hymn books and Christmas story books for a village church

  • buy and give out school supply packages for 90 children

  • give out funds to families, ministries, and churches in need

  • pay for hospital bills for a young man dealing with heart issues

  • & provide for various other needs

Going forward we are committed to staying involved in Moldova. We are currently helping support a state-run home for twelve disabled children who are either orphans or whose parents cannot provide for them. We supply them with monthly food packages, clothing, toiletries, arts and crafts, and so on. Vlad recruited a few locals who do this on a monthly basis, spending time with the children and telling them about God.

In February 2022 we provided an elderly woman with electricity to her house. She hasn't had any power for 10 years so we spoke directly with the power company and got her debts paid and new wires run to her house so that she can now have electricity again.

We also got her an electric tea kettle as a gift, since before she had to start a fire to simply get hot water.

There are so many things that we can take for granted.

We have more plans to be involved and are hoping to share the gospel with more and more people! Currently there are over a thousand villages in Moldova with no protestant Christians, so the need is great.

The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.
Luke 10:2

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