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Birthing a Dream

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

It was the beginning of 2017. I knew one season was coming to an end and a new one about to begin. What will I do? Where will it be? What will it LOOK like? It's a bit scary when God is telling you to move on from the old and enter the new. I had been a long-term missionary for a little over two years, and now I knew it was time to return home. Just as I got comfortable, God showed me that He had waaaay more for me. In fact, everything until now was only preparation and training for what was ahead.

As I was seeking God for specific direction, I heard these instructions.

1. The new season was a "secret closet" season. My priority was to seek the Lord's presence without distractions.

2. As I would seek him, He would give me a new vision.

3. He would give me a strategy to provide for the vision.

And that was it. In my vision, I saw that the days of Noah were returning. However, it would not be raining water. God was talking about a heavy rain--a FLOOD--of souls that would be part of the End-Time harvest. I saw a HUGE need for an "ark," or a vessel that could be used as a means to reach the nations. Another student missions movement would rise and God was looking for a "Noah" who would be obedient and begin building this vessel before there was even a sign of this rain.

This was the beginning of my God-given dream to reach the nations for Him. This is how "SEND ME MINISTRIES" was born. Built by FAITH because HE is FAITHFUL to His promises.

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